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Learning and Developing Through Play


The curriculum means that activities taking place in the Nursery are intended to promote all aspects of children's learning and development.  It is carefully planned to provide learning opportunities through self chosen activities, individual learning & learning in a group.


Play lies at the heart of the curriculum and makes a major contribution to the children's development.  Children learn as they play and as they share experiences with other children and adults.  Through play children practice and develop many skills.  They Jeely uses a 'Child Led' approach when implementing the curriculum through play.  This means that children have the opportunity to learn through the activities they enjoy most.  This approach is part of what makes the Jeely different to other nurseries.

Additional Support

Just like adults, children have to cope with many situations and changes in their lives like a new baby in the family, moving house, break up of parents' relationship etc and, just like adults, some children deal with it better than others. We have specially trained staff who can provide addition support to children when required spending some ‘Special Play Time' with them. Special Play Time is an individual playtime during which time your child receives the undivided attention of a worker trained in play therapy techniques which support your child to build confidence, self esteem and resilience.

Special Play Time is not only available to children within our nursery but is also offered to children referred from external establishments. These sessions are carried out by our Senior Outreach Worker and can take place on Jeely premises or in a suitable location familiar to the child.

If you would like more information about Special Play Time please contact Liz at the nursery on 0141 634 7311.

 Key Workers

When your child starts Nursery he will be allocated a key worker. This is the member of staff who will be responsible for monitoring your child's progress and your ‘link person'. If you need to tell us anything about your child or have any questions about your child's day at Nursery, the key worker is the best person to speak to.

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